You Are Engaged! Now What?!

You Are Engaged! Now What!

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I remember the moment so well, my husband handing me a small stuffed animal, it was Valentines Day. I knew something was up because he had prepared quite a feast but just as I was about to grab my gift my dog jumped up and ran off with the little stuffed present.

The boyfriend runs after the dog freaking out and I was sitting on the couch wondering why we hadn’t opened the wine first. When he came back with a soggy stuffed animal in one hand and a sparkling diamond ring in the other it was love at first sight all over again. I was engaged! It is such an exciting time in your life and my advice after a call to the best friend and parents, is to head to your local book store and grab a wedding magazine.

Happy Engagement

And Wedding Planning Begins…

It is key you do this before the craziness of wedding planning begins. Wedding planning will bring a ton of decisions and emotions. It is a right of passage you don’t want to miss. Grab a wedding magazine but I recommend you get all that the bookstore has in stock and happily pay for your advertising filled pages.

Trust me this is probably one of the only times outside of the Superbowl you will love the advertisement. Grab your best girlfriend and plan wedding magazine night. Dream, plan and just look to see what you like, dresses, style, receptions. Don’t worry about budgets or how many guests you will have.

This is the time to cut out the pages that inspire you. Create your dream wedding board and then work out the details. Enjoy each magical moment in your journey towards marriage, and don’t skip over this wonderful step, there will be time to obsess over the details later.

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