What Are The Ways To Save Ones Marriage?

What Are The Ways To Save Ones Marriage

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In Hindu marriage fire has a very relevant place. The bride and the groom circle seven times around the circle. People say that the marriage is not witnessed by the mortal men but the marriage takes place with the fire as its witness. People who are not from the Hindu religion often wonder why Hinduism had such a weird custom.

The answer is according to Hindu mythology, fire is very pure and it burns away all the impurities. So when, a couple gets married they are through these rituals in an indirect way told maintain the purity of a marriage or a relationship. Although these rituals are merely treated as rituals, and rarely any one try to find out the logic behind it. May be that is why in today’s life we are getting so many divorce cases. It is obviously true that one should not compromise and should not tolerate anything wrong. They should always fight for their rights, but at the same time it is also true that one can easily adjust and try to find out the way to turn things into right.

A husband and wife relationship is similar to mother/father-child relationship or a sibling relationship. Very rarely you walk out from these relationships even though you have quarrels, fights and disagreement. So, why every time one should walk out from a husband-wife relationship? If in those relationship you can patch up and adjust why can’t you adjust in here? And if one try everything is possible, and one should definitely try, because a husband and wife relationship does not include only these two persons but many more people. And most importantly a child’s future is related to it, who is left to choose one although may be he/she may love both.

Love Forever

Let’s have a look and see what you can do to save your marriage.

Sudden holiday

Life is full of tension and stress. This stress full life gives rise to many complexities, and to many problems. You always want to have a little tete-e-tete with your better half but your work load is not giving you any time to spend a few moments with your family.

Don’t bother, see the calendar, you will find a date which is written in a red ink. And plan a two days trip, to a nearby tourist spot, and then enjoy life with your family. You will see that both you and your spouse is very happy and it will also give him/her a few days relaxation, and you will also feel relieved and tension free.


If time is going wrong, take out your old photo album. See your wedding day’s photos or honeymoon’s picture.

If possible have looked on your wedding day’s videos, or college fresher’s video; where you have first met her (him). Or the college reunion’s video where you have proposed him (or her). Your memories will remind you about of those happy times and you will feel rejuvenated.

Talk show

To every problem there is a simple solution. And that is discussion. Sit somewhere and discuss what is creating a barrier between you two. Try to resolve it. And wait, you will see that things are getting better.

Our sweetest songs are those that tell our saddest thought

Your partner is your friend and philosopher both in the time of our happiness and sorrow. Don’t hide your anxiety and tension from (him or) her. Share it; you will feel better and your spouse will feel that she/he had an importance in your life and you too will feel relieved. And you may be with your spouse’s helping may come out of that situation and can again live a happy and prosperous life.

Be bizarre

Do things which are not expected from you, even if it is bizarre and weird like dancing in the rain, or eating fast or junk food from the road. Or walking on the streets with your shoes off; which means walk on the streets with bare feet. People will thinks you have gone insane, but do not pay any heed to it. Do what you want to do. Craziness, well sometimes, will always keep you young.

Always with loved one

Faithful and loyal friend

Trust or faith and loyalty are the main ingredients of a normal happy marriage. We all tell little bit of white lies for the sake of our family members, and that is not wrong. But you should put a full stop there only. Do not try things from your spouse, be loyal and be faithful. You will see that things are working for good.

Sharing and caring

Share work and responsibilities. Always make him (or her) feel that it is your family as well and you are ready to take all kinds of responsibilities. Also take the responsibilities of your in-laws because they are the part of your spouse’s family and so in a way they are part of your family too. You will see it will make him or her happy and you too after seeing his or her 32 all out smile will also feel great.

Friend in a need

Be your spouse’s friend and not always a husband or a wife. Remember friendship is something which is unconditional and at the same time an umbrella to your relationship. Couples who are friends are best couples, because they can shout and fight and even scratch, but at the same time they know to use an ailment to your bruises. And they know to patch up things and make it going again.

happy marriage


Marriage is something very pure try not to break it. Our future is seeing enough of quarrels and fights. Nations are fighting, states are fighting, friends are fighting, and every one out in the world is engaged in some kind of fight. They all want to separate, out there if everyone is getting separated why not you in the house maintain peace and non-separation. No one, wants to live alone, that is why one get married, so why get separated?

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