5 Best Wedding Theme Ideas in 2021

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The most difficult thing you face when planning a marriage is deciding the wedding themes. By choosing a theme you can move on to the rest of your plan. However, you may be confused as to whether you want to combine rustic with classic, romantic, rustic, modern, or other alternative wedding ideas. Before reading more please register on our matrimony portal MeraVyaah and find suitable match.

Wedding themes 2021 are a crucial issue as it will set the mood so you should think about it carefully and reflect your personality as a couple. Once you decide, the venue will be easily decorated with floral arrangements, foliage, decorative props, lighting, and additional furniture to enhance the display.

3 Important Things to Consider When Deciding Wedding Themes:

Choosing wedding themes helps you to prepare wedding decorations and colors. However, before deciding on wedding themes, you should consider these three important factors. So, you can prepare your wedding without any difficulties

1. The Wedding Venue:

The wedding venue is really important at this time. The place should be according to the theme. If you have already booked a place, you can explore the place. Pay attention to every detail around and starting with the ornament. Choose a suitable theme that will go well with the whole space. For example, if your space is wide enough, you can create a luxury romantic wedding. Meanwhile, you can go for vintage if you choose a modest place.

2. Think About the Season:

The second thing you should always remember is the season. Each season has its own surroundings and colors as its characteristics. You can’t have an outdoor wedding in the winter or rainy season, it will mess up. So, you can expect by choosing seasonal wedding themes. Winter Indoor White Wedding, Go with Orange and Red for Outdoor Fall Wedding, Colorful Wedding for Outdoor Summer Wedding, and Botanical Wedding as Cool Spring Wedding.

3. Mind Your Budget:

Must stick to your budget. Be realistic in planning your wedding. If you don’t have much money, you choose to organize cheap weddings with vintage items and use wedding decorations in a second-hand shop. Always manage your budget well if you want to live happily without any debt.

5 Wedding Themes in 2021

1. Organic and Eco-Friendly:

Eco-friendly weddings have been gaining popularity over the past few years and will become popular this year, but 2021 wedding themes are taking things a little further. Instead of just focusing on details like a paper straw and seed paper, the organic theme is entering the decor to make the whole celebration look greener.

It could mean throwing a floral trend out the window and decorating it entirely with greenery, or it could mean giving your big day a forest theme that focuses on details like handpicked branches, trees, and dry grass in decor.

 Nature Wedding Decor Ideas

2. Garden Theme:

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to host a wedding in the garden. The wedding can be inside a greenhouse, in a park, in a gazebo, or in a botanical garden. Neither is outside the backyard wedding venue. Butterflies, flowers, and greenery are at the front and center with this theme. You can also add a vintage or Victorian elements depending on the style of your personal wedding.

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3. Woodland Forest Theme:

Return to nature with a woodland themed wedding that is almost organic. This theme is for people who love the outdoors, camping, and adventures. Keep it in the real forest and hang lanterns, light large pillar candles, hang lightweight fabrics, and arrange flowers for the ceremony. If you move the reception to a cabin, wedding canopy or tent, or other indoor space, make sure you bring the woods inside with branches, leaves, and stumps.

Forest wedding decorations - Wedding Theme 2021

4. Romantic Pink Theme:

Use a color scheme to set the mood and become the theme of your wedding. Red has always been considered a color of love, but pink is a romantic alternative to bold color, giving your event a sweet touch. Pair pink with gray instead of black to keep the look soft. Teal, turquoise, baby blue, and age are also good options that will not give too much power to the romantic theme. Add tulle and flowers to the wedding to create a special effect. Your wedding lighting will also come into play; Keep pink spotlights and candles to continue the theme.

List of Wedding Themes | LoveToKnow

5. Royal Indian Wedding Themes:

Get married in a royal way and feel like a royal couple on your wedding day. For a royal wedding, nothing less than a classic palace or royal castle as your wedding venue. Find a place outside the royal heritage property, hotel resort, royal wedding venue. Make it into weddings or bridal entrances with traditional grand announcements by the royal knight with shahnai and band groups. You can go to live Nagada players with huge Dolby sound effects to fit the wedding theme 2021. Make sure you add an elegant touch to the menu as well. When deciding on a wedding food menu, include your wedding caterer and the food and drinks for a peaceful wedding.

Best Palaces To Plan A Royal in India

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