Ways of Planting in Your Marriage Relationship

Planting in Your Marriage Relationship

Spring is here for some of us and thoughts of planting the garden are in full bloom. So along with that theme, we want to offer up some thoughts about items that you should be planting in your marriage relationship.

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SQUASH the Too Busy Syndrome!

Is your life so busy that you barely have time to say hi, and do you have any time for meaningful conversations? Are you just going through the motions, hoping that someday you will get through with your mind and marriage still intact.

If so, then your marriage is being choked out by the weeds in your life. Start weeding out the things that are keeping you apart and start finding ways to reconnect and rediscover what really attracted you to each other. Make time for those things and watch your marriage bloom again.

SQUASH Selfishness!

When you mainly care about your needs and wants, you leave no room for loving others. Love is giving it is not taking. The more you can give your love away, especially to those who are closest to you, then the more love you receive. Weird isn’t it? But it is so true.

LETTUCE be caring of each other.

Do you put your spouse’s needs before your own? Are you trying to make things easier for them because you love them? Often times it is the little things that we do for each other that show we still care for each other. So put some extra thought into how you can be more caring for each other.

LETTUCE be honest with each other.

A strong marriage is based on each partner knowing that their spouse won’t lie to them. We need to make every effort to be honest with each other, both in what we say and what we don’t say.

Our spouse needs to know that we will always be truthful with them. They should never doubt that what we say is accurate and true. Plus it is always easier to remember the truth than it is to remember what falsehood you told. The truth inevitably comes out and it takes a long time to rebuild trust that has been destroyed by dishonesty.

LETTUCE be committed to each other.

If you want a lifelong marriage you have to be committed to each other. No matter what may be happening in your lives or around you, always make sure your spouse knows that you are committed to be with them no matter what. Never mention or even joke about divorce in your relationship. Each time you do, it chips away at your commitment to each other.

LETTUCE communicate

There are many ways that we communicate in our marriage. Our question for you to ponder is, do they consistently convey the message of love, trust and commitment that you want them to? Do your words, encourage, support and inspire your spouse? Your actions show that you love them?

Do you try to look good to them (no I don’t expect you to wear an evening gown or tux all the time!) But, you should at least try not to look like a homeless person. Do you still try to smell nice to each other? Does your message say “I am giving you the best I can be! Because I love you!”

Make THYME for each other!

Almost all of us got married to our spouse because we wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. If you aren’t doing that now, then figure out what activities are keeping you apart and stop doing them (unless it’s your job of course).

Commit to doing something fun with each other at least once a week. Get involved in an activity that helps others and that you can do together.

Thank you for reading.

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