Shower Favors as Special as the Bride

Shower Favors as Special as the Bride

Shower bridal favors can become wonderful keepsakes of a girlfriends special day, or just another trinket in the bottom of a purse or drawer. To make it in the first category one must put thought into the small gifts.

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Let’s read how you can make shower favors as special as the bride.

Make it meaningful Lasting shower bridal favors make an impression when they are useful. Consider items guests can use every day, like USB flash drives, handbag holders, and compacts. These can be purchased in colors coordinating with the wedding. Pieces that have purpose will more likely be remembered, and stay handy.

Make it simple Candles, soaps and drinking glasses are all thoughtful favors that can be personalized. Wine bottle stoppers and drink coasters can go from gift bag to bar top the same day. Silver notepad holders or magnetic clips are useful for the busy lady. With simple thank-you items, guests can use the gifts immediately.

Make it unique All guests need not get the same baubles, either. Review the invitation list. For the avid gardener, wrap assorted packets of wildflower seeds. With book-savvy guests, who read the old-fashioned way, gift them each a bookmark. One invitee might adore tea. Give her a cup with a tea-bag variety pack. Maybe a guest is a jet-setter. A pair of luggage tags (one for her carry-on; one for her checked bag) would be perfect.

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Personalize Shower Favors

Make it personal Turn similar gifts into specialized articles. For example, small double-photo frames could all be the same, but for each guest, place a photo in the left side of herself and the bride-to-be. This leaves the right side for a wedding day picture or another image of the guests choice. Or choose shower bridal favors by each guests favorite colors, scents or personality.

A favor can be a lasting memento. Make it one as special as the bride-to-be.

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