Save Your Marriage – Lead A Blissful Married Life From Today

Save Your Marriage – Lead A Blissful Married Life From Today

Is your marriage alive and well, or need to dial 911 (emergency number in many countries)?

Like every couple, you and your partner desire to lead a happy blissful marital life. Many times things do not turn out as you desire.

There are Chances that the health of your relationship is deteriorating i.e. it is going out of shape, tired and devoid of any spark.

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How can you check that health of your relationship is deteriorating?

Feeling of long-lasting resentment towards your spouse?

Lack of laughter moments between both of you?

Desire to spend time with other people other than your mate.

Both of you spent lot of time in playing the “blame game”.

Whenever you communicate there is a bitterness and sarcasm in between both of you.

Warning Signs

These are the warning signs and there is need to take quick actions such as:

Make the marriage your priority. Set aside regular time to be alone with your partner that will help you to feel more connected such as long walk, star gazing, shopping, candle light dinner, watching movie or serial, reading stories or jokes are simple pleasures that can bring you closer together.

You can surprise your spouse by keeping gift or a love note in his cupboard or briefcase. Don’t wait for him, you can also initiate lovemaking. Passion is the glue in a marriage that helps you feel close to your mate, and helps you in getting through rough time easily.

Try to accept the imperfections of your partner that you can’t change. Instead of laying emphasis on his negative points try to focus on his positivepoints. You will see that there is a difference.You don’t nag or complaint rather appreciate him for his positive deed.

Try to take out time to look good from inside and outside. For that eat right, do exercise, take rest and work on your appearance. It will not only make you feel good but your partner also.

You have to improve your communication skills. For that you have to be a good listener that is a key to healthy communication. Next is, if you don’t agree with what he had to say, you have to empathize with his position and then coolly let him understand your position. This will open the door for more effective conflict resolution. This way you can convert criticism into a request for behavioral change by stating it positively. When you know, you are wrong, just apologize, don’t beat around the bush and try to defend yourself.

Try to have a healthy sexual relationship means when both of you are in mood and ready for it.

All the above can help you to revive your marriage, once again feel your relationship pulse beat strong and steady.

Thank you for reading. Further if you need any advice then do comment below.

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