Pros and Cons of Double Income Group Families

Pros and Cons of Double Income Group Families

Parenthood is one of the most precisions gift one gets in its life. It is ideal that at least one parent acting as full-time caregiver. However, it is impossible for many middle income and lower income group families to survive in today’s scenario with single earning member as inflation rate is so high and on the other hand, Today’s women want to get liberalize and equality in their status. Now they are not viewed as inferior in any respect.

With the increase in educational and job facilities for women, there is the increase in the number of women entering the work force continues to rise and increase in the dual income group families.

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As everything has a positive or negative side. Double income group families have also pros and cons.

Let us look into pros and cons about Double income group families:


  1. Family enjoys better financial footing and is likely to experience less financial stress.
  2. In today’s scenario where inflation rate is very high on one hand and competition is very high on the other hand. Both the parents have to work so that they can sent their children to be sent in good play school where they can easily mix with their peers and thereafter can sent to good school and best university for higher education.
  3. Family can enjoy by going out to watch movies, restaurants, and frequent vacations.
  4. They can have better lifestyle that includes better food clothing, housing, health and medical facilities.

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  1. Parents find difficult to give quality proper time to their children and in many cases children feel insecure and they feel neglected due lack of love & affection .They may also become part of bad company and indulge in bad habits. This may affect their studies and further their carrier.
  2. Couple is overburden and stressed with dual responsibility towards their careers and at the same time maintains a family life together. Challenges arising from coping with dual career in one household are evident. The result of trying to juggle between the two careers may be that each individual is trying for his or her own career advancement. At the end there is increase in tension and stress level of the couple and indirectly children also get affected by this dual career life style.
  3. Couples may feel overburdened and this may lead them to various health problem such Hyper tension , High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, depression and various associated problems.

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Overcome the Cons of Double Income Group Families

How to overcome the disadvantages of Double income group families:

  1. Couple must realistically assess their abilities, goals, and family needs. They must seek that job that is according to their caliber and at the same time allow them to give quality time to their family.
  2. One must be communicative with its family and supervisor in the office. One must list all concerns that causes stress and hinder its performance. Try to discuss it with your family and supervisor rather that handing on its own.
  3. Couple must have patience and understand everything will not achieve in one day and never overburden each other for acquiring all comforts both desire.
  4. Husband and wife must help each other in their work and share their responsibilities. For example if wife is in kitchen then husband can help children to get ready for their school. If there are two children then husband can teach one child and wife can teach another.
  5. Couple must try to start day by praying together to get the blessings for the nice day ahead and end day by having dinner together and after dinner discuss about the how everyone in the family has spent his/ her day. If any member has any issue try to resolve it and if anyone has achieve something try to appreciate it. There must be feeling in the family that all stand together in thick and thin of the life.
  6. Never wait for big success but celebrate each and every good moment with the family, no matter it was just a small achievement.

I hope this article will help you to minimize your family problems and you lead a blissful married life.

If you have any queries or suggestions, write a comment below as soon as possible and take a small step for the betterment of society.

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