Planning an NRI Wedding? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind

Hey NRIs! If your wedding date is approaching, then here we have come up with things that will make your big day extra special.

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Let’s read the tips for plan perfect NRI wedding.

Choose the Right Place

It is your big day after all, and there’s no way that you should settle for anything less. And being an NRI, you have to show the world (if not the world, at least your guests) how stylish and classy you are. So, start the preparations by choosing the right place for your wedding.

Once you finalize the destination, look for some great resort or hotel where you will recite your wedding vows. If you are a fan of lavish weddings like the ones we see in Bollywood movies, then you will certainly have big plans and expectations. It is time to make them happen.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Your wedding is one special day that won’t come again. So, instead of regretting later about the things that you could do, make it all happen then and thereby hiring a wedding planner.

As there will be someone to take care of all the tension, as a bride or groom you will be free to enjoy every function and do things the way you always wanted to. You don’t need to run from one place to another as your wedding planner will do that for you. If you have any special demands or expectations don’t be afraid to include it in the planning.

Decide On the Number of Functions

If you have decided on an Indian wedding, there’s no way you could go small. What would be an NRI wedding if it is not a big fat one? So, make sure that you include all the important functions, right from mehndi to reception. Every function will give you many reasons to share your joy with your loved ones.

Pro tip: Host all the functions at one place. It will not only convenient for you but also for the guests.

Plan Your Travel In Advance

Most likely, you will be traveling for your wedding, and after you are done with everything, you will need to head back home. So, it is imperative to make your travel plans in advance.

This will keep you on a schedule, and prior booking will save you some money. If you are planning to go on your honeymoon right after, plan that in advance too.

Thank you for reading wedding planning tips for NRIs. Further if you want any additional advice then do comment below.

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