New Year… New Chapter Of Your Life

New Year... New Chapter Of Your Life

New Year 2022 is round the corner, and on this occasion, if we look back and go through the major changes over the last two decades, we will find that society has changed drastically.

We can observe that there are some positive changes as well as negative changes. Some major changes can be technological advancement, enhancement in educational, medical, financial, residential & entertainment facilities along with the change in the role of females in the society.

We can also find that there are changes in the way of celebrations of New Year over the years but now also excitement of New Year starts few days before it actually arrived. We find excited crowd in shopping centers, picnic spots, restaurants, hotels, and other public areas. On the eve of 31th December, many places hold special events followed by the mouth watering food, singing, dancing, and fireworks. People stay awake to witness the going of last year and arrival of New Year. As clock strikes 00:00 hrs. in the midnight, people start exchanging New Year Gifts and Greeting with their family members, friends, relatives, and colleagues. Many religious places hold mass prayers for peaceful & joyful New Year.

Search your soulmate to add a new chapter in your life

New Year is the time which signals fresh beginning and the addition of a new chapter in everyone’s life. If you are single, and searching your life partner to add a new chapter in your life and that is “Married Life.” Remember, that this chapter will have the effect throughout your book called “Your Life.” You have to be very cautious while adding this new chapter in your life. You must resolve that you will do everything in a planned way.

You must register on the one of the trusted matrimonial website. Visit the profiles, shortlist them and start chatting with them. You can contact then via email or phone. Once you get to know each other that you think that you two can get together well. You must go for proper verification of personal, professional, & family background before taking the decision of marriage.

Once you decided to get marry then you have to mentally prepare marriage is sacred bond of not only two people but two families. You have to be ready for holding new responsibilities.

Once you think you are mentally prepared then you have to plan for your wedding ceremony and party thereafter.

Here are some important points of actions for your throwing awesome party:-

  1. You have to estimate your budget and plan accordingly.
  2. Reserve the location where you are going to hold your wedding ceremony well in advance.
  3. Prepare the list of guests and inform them well in advance about the venue, date, and timing of the ceremony.
  4. You also have to plan for food, drinks, and decorations with your caterer.
  5. Get your wedding clothes and accessories after full research of design & price so that this dress would be perfect for the occasion and you can wear after your wedding also.
  6. Don’t forget to fix the date with your beautician few days before the marriage to give you the perfect look for the special day of your life.
  7. You have to arrange for photographer or videographer for make your marriage memorable for you.
  8. Last but not least you have sit with your life partner and resolve together that both of you will prioritize your marriage. Both of you will love, care, understand each other. There will be trust and transparency and commitment in the relationship. Both of you understand that conflicts are inevitable in any marriage, but you have to find out the best possible solution to deal with it.

MeraVyaah Team wishes that you will find your soul mate in 2022, and you have a beautiful & smooth journey ahead along with the love, support, care of your life partner, family, and friends. We also hope that this year bring lot of joy, happiness and prosperity in your life.

Thank you for reading!

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