Impacts of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) on Marriages

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Humankind has witnessed a lot in the past few centenaries, from recession to depression, World Wars to natural calamities. Marriages were never so affected before as during this pandemic. COVID 19 has changed the dynamics of our world like nobody had ever speculated. Weddings are either getting downsized, canceled, or postponed due to the pandemic. Some even speculate that the Corona Virus impact will last longer on weddings.

With the restriction on the number of people that can attend the wedding, dreams of millions of brides and grooms have shattered. Not only did it have an emotional impact on their lives, but it also has monetary consequences.

SIkh Matrimony website
SIkh Matrimony website

Due to the limitations on the congregation, Industries like Banquet halls, Hotels, Travel, and aviation have suffered an irrevocable loss. A lot of couples who had planned destination weddings had to call off their grand ceremonies and cancel all the reservations in the connected industries. Some even had their invitation cards printed. Sad, right? Small & medium businesses like photography, catering, designers, decorators, makeup artists, music are at the brink of shut down. 

On the other hand, E-commerce has gained unprecedented popularity during this time of distress. People are doing most of their wedding-related shopping from online websites. They are buying dresses, jewelry, and even gifts online. Simple & sober marriages are gaining popularity. Instead of large gatherings, only close family members & friends unite on the D-day to bless the newlywed couple followed by a simple feast.

Dulhan Swag
Dulhan Swag

Another major impact this pandemic had on the lives of newlywed or engaged couples is that they had to cancel their honeymoon bookings due to travel restrictions and for safety measures. The whole wedding industry is badly hit and nobody is sure how long this is going to continue. 

Online Matrimonials are gaining popularity as people are relying more on online resources. According to a recent survey, people find it easy and more convenient to find an online life partner 83% more than they use to 20 years ago. There are some NRI matrimonials sites where one can find life partner settled in a different country than theirs and the profiles are verified by the Matrimonial site themselves. 


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