How to select gift for your lover?

Gift ideas for him

Markets and gift stores are full of romantic gifts and ideas that can make your loved one feel special; but are they going to make them feel unique and bring a smile on their face?

Let’s talk about the categories of gifts and the examples of gifts that fit into each category and then you guys can think of your own version of the categories we will be discussing below.

Gift ideas for her
Gift ideas for her
  1. Give them what they want: Being in an intimate relation, you definitely get an idea of the likes and dislikes of your lover. The most risk-free gift is to give them what they want to buy. Pay attention to what your lover looks at when you are in a store or what he wants to buy but hasn’t due to some reason. This will give them a feeling that you pay attention to their needs. Few examples of this category are video games, clothing items like jacket or running shoes. 
  2. Personal gifts or remembrance of your love: DIYs (Do it yourself) are the best gifts because time is the most precious thing in today’s world. not only self-made, personalized gifts like photo phone case, engraved keychains, pic calendar, customized cups, cushions, etc. You can also gift them a collection of his favourite songs if he is a music lover. 
  3. Food gifts: Food is a special sort of personal gift choice. Giving him a gift card for his favourite foodery or making his favourite dish on his special day is a very sweet way to tell how much you care for him. You can setup a romantic atmosphere by lighting scented candles and soothing music of his choice while feasting on his favourite dishes and make your special day memorable.
  4. Vacations: Spending time together with your beloved is always going to be the bestest of the gifts and when it is on a location of their choice and away from the worries and boring routine of everyday life, lovable memories will be created. Depending on the time and fund availability a trip can be planned, it could be to a far away place or just a small picnic in a nearby location. All that matters is how much quality time you both get to spend together.
  5. Activity together: Another precious gift of togetherness can be learning something new together. For example, taking Salsa classes together. It has multiple benefits like it is entertaining, good for health, new learning, and most important is the romantic time spent together. Having a sauna bath, massage session, pedicure session together is another extraordinarily romantic and relaxing way to indulge in some great pampering.

There are thousands of ways you can make your beloved feel precious and valued but the selection depends on each individual preferences. Most important thing is to consider what your other half actually desires and enjoys and not choose it according to your own likings. This act of giving will definitely inspire them to do the same for you in return and strengthen your bond. 

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