How to Collect Address For Your Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates

How to Collect Address For Your Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates

Many brides are currently working on collecting their addresses for their South Asian weddings next year.  While some may send out emails to collect addresses, it can be tedious to copy paste the addresses into a spreadsheet.

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We love the idea of creating and sending out a Google Doc to collect addresses.  Later you can take your spreadsheet and mail merge it in Word to create your address labels for your wedding invitations.

  1. Create a master spreadsheet (you can use this for RSVPS, thank your cards and to add gifts you received) for guests invited to your wedding.
  2. Divide and conquer, split up the task of collecting addresses between your family members. Have your parents in charge of collection from people that may need a phone call, addresses from their friends and siblings and you can collect from your cousins and friends.
  3. Be resourceful, you won’t be able to use emails to contact all your guests.  For those guests, pick up the phone, it will certainly make their day.  Look to old invitations and cards for addresses.  You can contact your guests on multiple social media fronts using Facebook, Twitter.
  4. We love creating a form on Google docs that automatically sends information into a spreadsheet.
  5. In your message to your friends, it’s a good idea to put a deadline for receiving their addresses for your wedding invitations and Save the Date. (Give yourself 3 weeks before your Save the Date goes out).
  6. Unfortunately, you’ve done all the leg work but not everyone will get back to you in a timely fashion.  Prepare yourself, because you will need to text, call, or email them again.

Did you use another method to collect addresses for your wedding invitations?  Share with us and help other brides!

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