How To Avoid The Most Common Wedding DISASTERS?

How To Avoid The Most Common Wedding DISASTERS

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are well. Today we give you 10 tips for Avoid The Most Common Wedding DISASTERS.

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First and foremost – from the very beginning – BE UP FRONT – Get in writing who pays for what and by what date; and this includes, not only the family but the attendants. This will lessen the chance of confusion, misunderstandings and hard feelings when it gets closer to the wedding date. This will also lessen your task of keeping up with making sure things are paid for on time.


Use a “service provider questionnaire” to make sure you ask all the right questions and get all the right answers you need.


Feeling confident that everything will be delivered and on time, takes a great deal of worry off your shoulders and cuts down on potential disasters. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!


Read every word of your contracts and your wedding and ceremony location restrictions and requirements. If you make sure you are following any restrictions from the beginning you won’t have any last minute surprises that can shock you and delay your wedding.


If at all possible get a wedding coordinator. So they can handle everything and you and your family can just enjoy the moments of your wedding day.


Pack an emergency kit – floral wire, pins, thread to match the dresses and tuxedos, needles, tape, glue, extra writing pens for the guest book table, feminine supplies. And other things like extra hose, lotion, makeup, tooth brush and paste, hair combs, bobby pins, nail polish, headache medicine, breath mints, umbrella and a real first aid kit. You really NEVER KNOW what will come up.


Make a checklist for everyone in the wedding. Most commonly forgotten items are the rings, tie and cummerbunds, ring pillows, garters, guest books and pens, and bridesmaids’ shoes.

Give a written schedule of events and times to your musicians and/or DJ. Make sure you have specific duties assigned to people who are not in your wedding party. Be sure someone has all the service providers and wedding party’s names and phone numbers and when they suppose to arrive. You just can’t keep track of everything yourself.


Have someone assigned to get up and straighten anything that is out of place or falls (link candelabras, candles, flower arrangements.)


Someone should be selected to take care of the gifts that may be brought to the wedding or reception – plus take care of the guest book and other accessories.


To take the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bags to the reception.

Someone to care for leftover food and cake, and delivering the flowers from the reception to the newlywed’s home or other selected destination.

Remember, if you DO have a disaster you should stay calm and IGNORE it! If you don’t get upset your guests and wedding party won’t either. No one may even notice if you don’t bring attention to it. In the end – no matter what – you will still be married!

Thank you for reading the article on 10 Tips on How To Avoid The Most Common Wedding DISASTERS. Further, if you want any advice then do comment below.

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