How Can One Revive Love And Passion In Its Married Life?

How Can One Revive Love And Passion In Its Married Life

Nowadays, with the increase in number of working couples, there is the decrease in love and passion between them. The most important reason behind it can be busy schedule of working couple and lack of communication between them.

Love and passion are not the butterflies that can bring color in your life on the fly. They are like a fire that has to kindle again and again to sparkle their life with joy and happiness.

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If you are also facing any such problem in your matrimonial relationship there is one incident that can give the solution to your problem.

Revive Love And Passion In Its Married Life

There was very cute couple Jimmy Shergill and Priyanka Basra, but there was the lack of love and passion between them. They hardly had dinner together or even had time for chit-chat with each other. Priyanka always wondered that how come Jimmy, who was always full of life before marriage became so boring. Jimmy was also sad when he saw that Priyanka was not paying any attention to him as well as daily household chores as rooms were not clean, dirty clothes were piled up and the food was tasteless. Priyanka became depressed, and her heart sank lower. Later, she started neglecting her office work also to the extent that she started taking leaves frequently from her office and finally, she was asked to resign.

They both were seeking hard to know the answer that this wasn’t what they had hoped for. They went to matrimonial counselor, David for help. He greeted them with his usual beautiful smile, offered them a seat, and then patiently listened them. He kept quiet for few minutes and then started giving them solutions. David said firstly, there is a need to sit together and communicate as well as understand each other as good communication is the lifeline of any relationship. Secondly, David explained Priyanka that the marriage is 2- way relationship that if she wanted love & passion in her life then she should also do some efforts in this regard to get his bubbly Jimmy back. Thirdly, they had to take those filtered glasses off from their eyes and throw them away. He further said, let god bless them to visualize what they had, rather than focusing on what they don’t had.

David also told them that decision to get into matrimonial relationship is one of the important milestones in one’s life and maintaining this relationship is like nurturing a plant to become a big tree. It takes time and dedication to nurture their relationship. They should respect for each other and accepts each other as they are not as they want each other. If they could love and respect each other for what they are, their love would get deeper, far deep than could be explained. The romance that they desired would come at the most unsuspecting times, and in unexpected ways. There is just need to change their focus toward each other. These solutions would not work like a miracle, and there is a need of patience & hope to keep it going, and let their dream of blissful, joyful, and romantic matrimonial life be fulfilled.

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