From Being A ‘Man’, To A ‘Married Man’

From Being A 'Man', To A 'Married Man'

Men, face it. No matter how much you deny, you are just as nervous about the BIG event as your girl! The moment the wedding bells start ringing, thoughts are bound to start whirling inside our heads. But instead of addressing them and sorting things out, most men try to hide behind a pseudo-confident stance.

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This, my friend, can lead to trouble – making you feel miserable and ultimately putting your and your wife’s happiness at stake in the long run. Quit shying out. It does not make you less of a ‘Man’ if you talk about your problems!

Even when you are perfectly happy to find your soulmate, the idea of making a commitment for the rest of your life can feel overwhelming.

For men, settling on the decision to get married carries with it a great deal of assumptions. In spite of changing sex parts in our general public, men are as yet taken a gander at similar to the essential suppliers. They should be the one more ‘responsible’ to support the family.

So naturally, numerous men liken bachelorhood with freedom – doing what they need to do on their own terms, when they need to do it. Being alone ranger implies spending time with the folks, no hidden obligations – fun occasions.

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A Man Needs To Know About Marriage Things

Marriage may feel like strolling into another part, with new responsibilities and numerous men wonder on the off chance that they’re up to this adjustment in identity.

So here are some stress-busters for you. Remember, just because you’re getting married, it doesn’t mean you have to be with your fiancé all the time! Go to your weekly poker games, play football with the ‘para’ friends or hang out with colleagues after work.

You want to keep your circle of friends an acquaintances open. And spend time socializing both with and without your fiancée. She’ll want to have time out with her girlfriends too, so don’t feel badly about keeping up with your buddies. This makes it easier for you to realise that marriage doesn’t mean getting tied down!

However, it IS important to acknowledge that engagement is a time of transition. It is a process to say good-bye careless boyhood and feel confidant about getting married. The minute the fixing-the-Big-date is done, start preparing yourself mentally. Once the whole idea of being a ‘committed man’ settles in, the transition to a ‘married man’ would be a cakewalk!

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