Does Love at first sight end up in marriage?

Love at first sight

It has been a debatable topic since the origin of mankind. Love at first sight is not acknowledged appropriately in most of the cultures. Societal and cultural restrictions often come in the way. Almost everyone whether men or women experience some sort of attraction towards the opposite gender in their span of life. Imagine yourself in a room full of people and your eyes just catch a particular person. Have you ever thought, why?

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

There is some science behind this phenomenon as well. This happens in all the species not only just humans. Where Animals are free to follow their instincts, humans are restricted by a lot of society generated factors.

The generation today relies on dating sites and other social media platforms to find their partners. Although some intend to find their soulmates on these websites while some are just there for casual flicks. Matrimonial websites are a more reliable way if you are looking for a serious relationship. People who have finally decided to settle down in life and start their families rely more on Matrimonial websites. Partner search using filters like country, religion, family background, etc. proves very beneficial. Once that is done, a selective list of profiles is ready to be viewed and read. For some looking at the picture alone is enough to fall in love whereas some may need to feel the physical presence. A person feels more comfortable expressing their real selves in the presence of such a person.

If you are lucky, you will find your love just at first sight or have to wait till you find someone you really feel for. While this feeling is not always mutual, but if it is and the circumstances fall in place, a ‘Happily ever after’ story is created. [source:]

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