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What Are The Advantages Of Indian Matrimonial Websites?

Bride in Canada

‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ this popular phrase is often modified into as ‘Marriages are made online’. Sounds unbelievable to you, during this online age, when tickets are booked and houses are brought online, why not marriages? Matrimonial Websites are the new age matchmaker. And in India, where marriages were fixed by parents, relatives, or … Continue reading “What Are The Advantages Of Indian Matrimonial Websites?”

Are you ready for marriage yet?

Groom in Australia

You have secured a good steady income source. All your friends are getting married, few even have kids now. You no longer have friends who will spend all their time with you doing nothing. Everyone else seems busy in their own family life. Your family and relatives seem concerned about your marriage and some even … Continue reading “Are you ready for marriage yet?”

Does Love at first sight end up in marriage?

Love at first sight

It has been a debatable topic since the origin of mankind. Love at first sight is not acknowledged appropriately in most of the cultures. Societal and cultural restrictions often come in the way. Almost everyone whether men or women experience some sort of attraction towards the opposite gender in their span of life. Imagine yourself … Continue reading “Does Love at first sight end up in marriage?”

Tips for Indian girls marrying in Canada

NRI Punjabi Girl in Canada

Every girl has special dreams about her marriage. The fascination of settling abroad after marriage has only increased in recent times. Unlike old days, girls are much more aware of what to expect when they move overseas due to exposure to social media and thanks to Punjabi matrimonial sites . There are still a lot … Continue reading “Tips for Indian girls marrying in Canada”

How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India?

How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India

Living outside of India, NRIs find it very difficult to recognize the latest trends and traditions regarding marriage functions. Things like finding a suitable place for a wedding or a good accommodation venue can prove to be a difficult task for them. Below we are listing 5 tips to help them make the wedding a … Continue reading “How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India?”