Benefits of Getting a Premium Membership of MeraVyaah Matrimony

Do you what are the benefits and advantages of premium membership of MeraVyaah matrimony portal?

Most matrimony websites offer a special membership plan which lets you unlock a lot of additional features for your account. These additional features allow the users to use his/her account to its full potential. Meravyaah offers its users with basically three premium membership plan upgrades. The three premium membership upgrades are bronze, silver and gold.

All of these premium memberships last for a definite period of time. Unlike the premium membership plans of other matrimonial websites, the cost of getting a premium membership plan for Meravyaah is quite low. Below are some of the benefits of getting a premium membership of Meravyaah.

No restrictions 

After purchasing a premium membership upgrade, all of your account restrictions will get removed. You will also instantly get access to a lot of additional features but once the definite subscription period of time expires, you will need to repurchase the plan again. Premium profiles are also entitled to a lot of allowed contacts and addresses. You can experience the premium membership plan by buying a bronze account which is quite cheap and affordable. While purchasing the plan all you need to do is enter your Matri ID and password and then you will be Re-directed to the transaction page.

Premium chat

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Basic members can only contact a limited amount of members each day. However, as you upgrade your membership plans, that amount increases. Bronze members can get in contact with 50 profiles, whereas silver and gold members can get in contact with 110 and 220 profiles respectively. The chat facility in MeraVyaah is completely free for female users and premium users can chat with basic as well as premium members.

Featured profiles Benefits of MeraVyaah

Upon getting a premium membership plan, the chances of getting your profile on featured profiles increases by a lot. Featured profiles are contacted very frequently since they are mostly on the top of the search results page. You can even take inspiration from other featured profiles and make changes to your own profile accordingly. Featured profiles also attract a lot of profile visitors. After getting a premium profile, you can get in touch and chat with other premium accounts and featured profiles too. Checkout Tips to Create a Profound Matrimony Profile.

Smart Search is Key 

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Meravyaah has a lot of search features like smart search, advanced search and occupation search. It becomes very easy to find your perfect match because of these search options. You can find your life partner from thousands of verified profiles thanks to Meravyaah’s superior search engine. Thousands of successful registered members have found their soulmates with the help of Meravyaah. Meravyaah also has an auto-matching feature which can help you in finding your perfect life partner.

All these are the benefits of getting a premium membership for MeraVyaah. Before buying any premium membership always go through the plan in order to avoid any mistakes. With over more than thousands of verified profile, MeraVyaah is one of the best NRI matrimony websites out there. Register and purchase a premium membership and start enjoying the benefits from today.

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