Are you ready for marriage yet?

Groom in Australia

You have secured a good steady income source. All your friends are getting married, few even have kids now. You no longer have friends who will spend all their time with you doing nothing. Everyone else seems busy in their own family life. Your family and relatives seem concerned about your marriage and some even come with Rishta/ prospective matches for you. Does this Ring a bell? If you are still not thinking about tying that knot of a lifetime, ask yourself why?

wedding in Canada
wedding in Canada

You are the only one in this whole wide world who can answer this question. Most of the studies suggest factors like Financial, societal, mental drive this decision. Sounds about correct, what say?

Is there another powerful yet invisible instinct that gives our mind the surety of the right time? Surprisingly, many of us answer yes to the question. [Source:Nri Matrimonial]

There is something we call a gut feeling that gives us a positive vibe about all the decisions we make including marrying someone. Although the above-listed determinants set the stage for this big decision, there is still a ‘Yes, go for it’ needed in matters of the heart. And when you get that confirmation from yourself, you enjoy a lifetime full of joy and satisfaction.

That doesn’t mean we ignore all the other necessities. It simply means we should not forget the very first reason of making this important decision which is Living a happy life with a good companion.


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