Adventurous Wedding Cakes

Adventurous Wedding Cakes - MeraVyaah

Forget about wedding favors, funny vows or drunken toasts: Wedding cakes are the newest way to show personal flair at a wedding. If the couple is looking to stand out, and silliness is welcome at the wedding, bring it in on the cake. From subtle changes to over-the-top changes, here are three ways to have fun with the adventurous wedding cakes.

ways to have fun with the wedding cake - meravyaah

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The standard form of the topper is the plastic bride and groom on the top of the cake. However, they are ways to spice this up. There are companies which will copy the face of the bride and groom and make customized toppers. Or action figures representing the couple can make good friend laugh with love.

If the couple loves playing cards, a king and queen of hearts on top is a lovely homage. Avoid the toppers of the women dragging the groom to the altar. That is not a good way to start off a lifetime commitment.


The standard is the tiered circle cake. While beautiful, there is no reason that needs to be the only choice. Many couples are deciding to break the mold by choosing wedding cakes that speaks to them.

If both are avid sports fans, and proposed at the field, there is no reason why the cake cannot look like a baseball. Or a couch potato couple could have one that looks like a tv. These creative shapes are one way to make it personal.


The taste is still important. Do not forget to taste the cake! While the messaging of the topper and the shape is important, it still should be delicious. People should bite into the cake and want to celebrate even more.

However, people’s tastes have expanded, and so have the possible flavors. The cake does not need to be just vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla chia, coconut or mint flavors are on the rise. An experienced baker can help make a thoughtful, yet adventurous, choice.

Do not be afraid while choosing wedding cakes. There are no rules anymore. This is a great place to let the personality of the couple shine. A creative cake will leave people talking about the wedding for months.

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