8 Fun Things to do at your Wedding that’ll Make it Stand out

If you’re looking to make your wedding a little different with more than just the usual ceremonies, here are some ideas that’ll take it a notch higher and make for great memories.

Book of Messages

Lay out a blank hardbound book (or a few depending on your guest list) at the entrance of your reception and have everyone leave a message for your first anniversary. Have the book wrapped and kept away to open after a year.


If there’s something as permanent as tying the knot, it’s perhaps getting inked. Why not commit to both at the same time? Whether you and your partner want matching ones or want to pick designs for each other, this can be really fun to do together.

Game Night

Dedicate one night to breaking the ice between both families right before the d-day. Whether you want to play charades, antakshari, tug of war or even a friendly cricket match, it’ll get the conversation flowing and be a great way to take your mind off all the pre wedding stress.


brown meatballs in white tray

The pheras can go on until early morning in some cases, if you’re anticipating that, hire a food truck so people can grab a bite and keep their energy levels up.

Photo Booth

Have a photo booth set up in a theme that is to both of your liking and add a few props at the station so everyone can go a little crazy with the pictures.

Hire a DJ

person using DJ mixer

If you love dancing and want it to be a part of your important day, get a DJ and set up a dance floor. Additionally, you can add a card with your invitation for song requests that your guests can fill in and deposit at the beginning of the night.

Share your Story

Pick a corner at the venue and add a timeline of your love, complete with pictures, decoration and little captions so you can share it with your guests and they know exactly what they’re here to celebrate.


Make a spectacle out of your entrance. If all eyes are gonna be on you anyway, might as well give them more than what they expect. You could dance your way in with your friends and family, rap while walking in or even just do a really stunning power walk to a song that gets you going. The possibilities are endless.

Your wedding is your day to celebrate, and sure you want your guests to have fun too but there are clearly ways to ensure both. Do yourself a favour and keep it interesting. Some of these ideas don’t even cost a bomb but will have you fondly looking back at your special day for years to come.

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