5 Things You and Your Prospective Match can do the First Time You Meet

The first time you meet a potential life partner, it can be awkward and frankly, a little nerve-wracking. Here are some fun things you can do together to break the ice and get the conversation flowing instead of just getting a meal or drink together.

Attend a Class Together

It could be a pottery class, a baking class or even a painting class. The best thing about this is that no one has to be good at it since the whole point is to learn something together. It’s fun because you can let your guard down without any of the intensity that comes with it.

Hit the Outdoors

two person walking in forest during daytime

If you’re both active and like being under the open sky, consider taking a hike together or taking a drive to the nearest lake. It’ll inspire conversation about past travels and future plans while also being a feast for your eyes.

Volunteer Together

If you’re both passionate about giving back to your community, pick an organization and spend a day volunteering together. It could be your local soup kitchen or animal shelter. This will provide an opportunity to see the best in each other.

Food Haul

man and woman sitting on blue textile beside brown wicker picnic basket

Go to a few of your favorite restaurants/drive-ins and pick up things that you want each other to try. Sit at a park and make a picnic out of trying all the different foods.

Brewery / Winery

If both of you love your alcohol it might be fun to learn all about how it’s made. Most breweries and wineries conduct tours. Phone in and find out when they have one scheduled and go to town on the samplers.

Play Sports

white shuttlecock on brown and black badminton racket placed on floor

Something lightweight like badminton or table tennis might do the trick. Find a court and spend a few hours playing over conversation before grabbing a quick bite or getting a beer.

Salsa Classes

If you’re both up for it, this can be a great way to get comfortable around each other. For that matter, any kind of dancing classes will do the trick. Bonus point if you can get a second date at the club out of it to test your new found skills together.

Become Tourists

Go see a few popular spots around your town like typical tourists and take silly pictures together. Maybe you’ll find out what their favorite is and end up going somewhere you always meant to but never found the time.

It’s so important to have fun and while the right match can make just sitting in front of the television so, start with a bang and let the chemistry do its thing. Taking the initiative to do something like this will also give the impression that you’re thoughtful and interesting.

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