5 Steps To Make Your Henna Darker

5 Steps To Make Your Henna Darker

How to make your henna darker? Here are some natural ways to darken your Mehendi and get the perfect colour on your wedding day.

The first question in mind is “When to apply bridal henna?”

Have your henna artist come at least a day before their Sangeet or 2-3 days before their wedding day to get more darker color as natural mehndi takes 24-36 hrs to leave darker stains.

Check with your mehndi artist if she is using fresh mehndi cones not the ready made store pick with harmful chemicals. Fresh made mehandi paste leaves darker stains and stains stays longer.

Let’s read the 5 tips to make your henna darker.


Wear something that you know you can wear straight to bed.


Make sure that you skin is clean and does not have any oils or lotions on it.


Once the henna is completely dry apply a sugar solution.  It is a mix of sugar and lemon juice.  The longer you keep your henna on the darker it will be. –do NOT cover it.


After sleeping with it over night pick off your henna or rub it off.  Do not wash it off.  If you can avoid washing your hands and feet that will help the henna to continue to stain your hands and feet.  IF you cannot then apply a greasy vegetable based oil over the henna to “seal it” and then take a shower.


Continue to avoid water and it will get darker over a 24-36 hour period.

Remember that your bridal henna will probably be the darkest on your hands and become lighter as you move up your arms. Henna responds to warmth, the warmer your hands are the darker the color.

Thank you for reading 5 tips To Make Your Henna Darker.

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