10 Things To Do When Someone You Love Disappoints You

Things To Do When Someone You Love Disappoints You

During these extra busy times, it is very easy to fail to meet your spouse’s expectations. And typically when that happens they get upset, sometimes extremely upset.

So what should you do when this happens or has happened and you or both of you are feeling hurt? Nancy Sebastian Meyer offers us a list of “10 things to do when someone you love disappoints you” and they are worth sharing with you.

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Take Care of Yourself When People Disappoint You

Know God is with you. Remember God is never surprised, He’s known every detail of your situation since before you were born. He knows how everything is going to be resolved…and He will work everything together for your good and His glory!

Allow yourself to be human with feelings such as anger, frustration, hurt and sadness. Tears, talking to a friend and punching pillows (better than breaking plates) can help diminish stress.

Stop and take a moment to acknowledge that what the other person did was wrong, and then mentally will yourself to forgive the person – even if you don’t feel very forgiving – because actions cause feelings, not the other way around. Forgiving turns anger into sadness and removes bitterness.

Remember to be responsible for yourself. Don’t feel guilty for other people’s problems or try to live up to other’s expectations. Don’t be a fixer. Be realistic about what you can and should do.

Try to react well. Stop, breathe, and keep silent unless “speaking the truth IN LOVE” will help the other person and the situation. Confront wisely when God leads.

PRAY: Praise – Repent – Ask – Yield

Make a “good list” of the other person’s strengths and then compliment them often. Practice being positive.

Do a reality check. What is God’s perspective?

Take a day at a time and get back to ordinary activities that provide something to do besides over-thinking and worrying. Remember, time brings healing.

Go back and repeat these steps until the crisis passes and you realize the growth God has made possible in your life – and perhaps in your relationship with the other person.

Remember, the reason for trying to do so much extra during this time of year is so that you can spend time celebrating your connections with your family and friends. Don’t let it be spoiled with hurt feelings. Love one another with all the love God has given you.

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