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Why NRIs are still looking for an Indian life partner?

Nri Marriages

Non-resident Indians while living in another country develop profound attachment for their homeland. One of the significant impact this has on their mindsets is that most NRIs of marriageable age start looking for their perfect life partner in India. So, why are NRIs looking for partners in trusted matrimonial sites like Meravyaah.com to meet their … Continue reading “Why NRIs are still looking for an Indian life partner?”

Looking for bride in Australia

wedding car Australia

Name: N. Chaudhary (MV14599) Gender: #Male Age: 29 Years Religion: # Hindu Marital Status: Unmarried Country living in: #Australia Qualification: #Bachelors in Commerce Occupation: #Others Hello there, I am glad you choose to visit my profile. I am fun loving person who likes to live in the present moment . My friends describe me as … Continue reading “Looking for bride in Australia”

Does Love at first sight end up in marriage?

Love at first sight

It has been a debatable topic since the origin of mankind. Love at first sight is not acknowledged appropriately in most of the cultures. Societal and cultural restrictions often come in the way. Almost everyone whether men or women experience some sort of attraction towards the opposite gender in their span of life. Imagine yourself … Continue reading “Does Love at first sight end up in marriage?”

How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India?

How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India

Living outside of India, NRIs find it very difficult to recognize the latest trends and traditions regarding marriage functions. Things like finding a suitable place for a wedding or a good accommodation venue can prove to be a difficult task for them. Below we are listing 5 tips to help them make the wedding a … Continue reading “How can NRIs plan & organize wedding in India?”

How to find NRI life partner?

Today in the era of globalization, life partner search has crossed boundaries, and dreaming about a partner from the other end of the world has become comfortably attainable. While on the surface it seems very easy but we all know how difficult it is to find a compatible spouse who is living in a different … Continue reading “How to find NRI life partner?”