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We Don’t Want to Work After Marriage!

We Don’t Want to Work After Marriage!

The debates on whether women should work after marriage or not?? Wives want to turn homemakers after marriage, while the husbands want them to work. The reasons cited by the husbands are many, urban husband doesn’t want his wife to sit at home anymore. We explore the trend. Before reading more, please register in Online … Continue reading “We Don’t Want to Work After Marriage!”

Marriage Tips: Be a Rock!

Marriage Tips Be a Rock!

Hello everyone, Want to be a Rock in marriage? Seeking the best pre-marriage tips before your wedding? Here we come with few tips. Let’s read. There’s something that all us married folk can do better for one another and that’s be a rock for the other person.  Sometimes life gets in the way of love … Continue reading “Marriage Tips: Be a Rock!”

6 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Hello reader, We hope you are well and healthy. Today we are going to shared 6 questions to ask before marriage. First, if you not registered in our matrimony portal then please register on MeraVyaah.com. There is no way to know what marriage is like until you are married, but you can eliminate issues if … Continue reading “6 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage”

Five tips for a Happy married life.

Five tips for a Happy married life?

Are there any secrets behind a happy married life? We have gathered some data from the most satisfied couples around the world and listed them for you. Newly married or married for a long time, the five simple tips listed below will surely help you realize what’s missing and what can be improved in your … Continue reading “Five tips for a Happy married life.”