7 Healthy Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

Healthy Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

This Year, try something different by resolving with your partner who can not only help you to stick to your vows but also strengthen the bond of love and faith with your respective partner.

MeraVyaah has listed the resolutions for you and your better half to try and ring the New Year right, to keep your relationship rocking throughout the year.

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1. Break a Bad Habit Together

The best way to understand each other is by giving up a common habit together and making a rule instantly! If you two are chain smokers, make a pact of smoking a limited number of cigarettes in a day. If you share a love for alcohol, stick to two drink rule always! Breaking a bad habit will make your relationship stronger and your body healthier.

2. Listen

A significant problem noticed in most of the Indian households is a lack of communication which makes the partner less interested and attached. The best way to reduce the gap is by taking out time for each other in a day and carefully listens to each other’s problems, issues and lends a solution to them or provides comfort to maintain a balance.

3. Sweat Together

What’s better than working out together after a long day at work? Relax your mind, body and soul with your better half and this will help you enter a comfort zone instantly. Sip some green herbal tea post workout and bid goodbye to the daily blues at work. It also helps in increasing the interest for each other emotionally and physically, no matter how old you are.

4. Treat Right

In the midst of work and success, you might get lost and tend to take your partner for granted. But, they are the ones who wait for you till midnight, pamper you, respect your decisions and help to keep things calm and secure. Plan special date nights with your partner to revisit nostalgia and make them feel adored. Surprise them with a sultry gift and let the magic happen!

5. Work Hard, Play Harder!

Thankfully, the dullness of the workday zone doesn’t extend to personal life and thereby securing space for some fun and fancy stuff. Infuse your partner for playtime and indulge in pillow fights, talk in funny voices or simply draw moustaches on model’s faces in magazines. Let the childhood mania hit you this New Year and keep your love young, free and wild forever!

6. Do “Good Things” together

Why wait for a special occasion to arouse generosity? Visit old age homes, orphanage, and special children’s school once in a while to donate the old clothes, food and spend time with them. This will make you more concerned about the society you live in awakening the spirit inside you to bring change for mankind together.

7. Eat Healthy, Stay Wealthy

It is an easy idea to cosy up with your partner on the couch and relish Chinese food while watching a flick. This not only deteriorates your health but also spend way too much on the junk. Carefully choose a healthy diet and make sure you prepare healthy salads for date nights to keep your body fit.

Every couple should make above resolutions and be more grateful for each other.

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