Low-budget Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Low-budget Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

A perfect wedding centerpiece is every bride’s dream. However when it comes to choosing something that is beautiful yet within the budget it gets a little taxing.

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Here are a few low-budget wedding centerpieces that are bound to capture the bride’s eye.

Bohemian wedding centerpieces

This wedding centerpiece is fun, simple and yet catches the imagination of the guests. Simple fabrics held together by sewing hoops and hung all over the wedding venue lend the humble sewing instrument a whole new definition .The trick is to hang it at different levels and using fabrics of the same palette. If unique is what you are looking for this centerpiece is the right answer.

Takeaway plant centerpieces

If you are someone who hates wasting hundreds of flowers on a wedding then takeaway plant centerpieces are the answer. Takeaway flower plants such as orchids and gladiolus, wrapped in fabric for more exotic appeal can be kept on the table. The guests can gaze at them while they dine and can carry them home at the evening’s end as return gifts. This is very famous and Low-budget Wedding Centerpieces Ideas.

Gazettes Centerpiece

For a gizmo special wedding what could be better than a couple of discs hanging from the wall. For the wedding look a couple of ribbons could be pass through the center of the discs and hung all over the wedding venue. To make it all the more gizmo ribbons could be replace with filmstrips.

Candle wedding centerpieces

If flower are your weakness and you loath to waste them after the wedding here is an idea that you would love. Print out exclusive clip art (of flowers of course) onto 11 by 17 inch papers. Wrap around square candle-holders and trim the bottoms with ribbon and Viola! These beautiful paper centerpieces with flickering candlelight glowing inside them will capture the heart of your guests.

Perfect Wedding Centerpieces

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Thank you for wedding tips on Low-budget Wedding Centerpieces Ideas. Further if you want to add something, then please do comment below.

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