How To Build Beautiful Relationship With Your In-Laws?

How To Build Beautiful Relationship With Your In-Laws

If you are planning for marriage then, you must understand that after marriage, you are not only getting into a relationship with your spouse but also with his/her family members.

You must be mentally and emotionally prepare to build a beautiful relationship with your in-laws like your own parents. There are many people finding tough to adjust with their in-laws and in many cases it can lead to ruin the relationship with their spouse. This does not mean that you start worrying about it as you know that every problem there is a viable solution.

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Like any other relationship, you need to strengthen your bonding with your in-laws. There are very simple yet effective tips are given here to help you to have a beautiful relationship with your in-laws very easily. The helpful tips are given below:


You need to spend quality time with them means you takeout some time exclusively to understand their desires and apprehensions. You can even try to find out their interest and hobbies. For example, if your mother-in law is religious then try to give her religious book or download devotional songs and play them in the morning. Another example if your mother in law likes to try new dishes then you can help her by downloading the recipes of delicious dishes and help her in preparing them.


Always try to convey positive attitude towards in-laws. Never prejudice that they are against you. Give them time so that they can adjust in the new role of in-laws.


Ready to share some responsibilities of your in-laws like helping your mother in law in cooking and shopping.


Try to remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your in-laws to give them a pleasant surprise either by presenting gifts or going for an outing to their favorite place. If your in-laws are not very keen to go out then you can plan a dinner that include their favorite dishes. To make it more exciting, you can play music of their interest in the backdrop.


If you want to bring changes in house, try to discuss with your in-laws for their opinion. For example, you want to take initiative in getting your home painted or buy small things like new curtains or cushion covers or anything to make your sweet home beautiful. Surely, they feel good that that you care for the home and have respect for their feelings.


Remember that in-laws are elder to you and you have to find the respectful way to approach them. This does not mean if they are becoming unnecessary demanding or abusing you then also remain quiet. In this situation first try to communicate with them directly if not possible then talk to your spouse. Unfortunately if this is also not working then talk to parents or mediator that you think can solve the problem.


Try to listen to them with an open mind. Remember, you are not required to do anything just because your in-laws want you to, but you should acknowledge their input and share your viewpoint to them. If you fail to do this, then you become so irresponsible that it can irritate them and made them scream louder so that you can hear them! This can worsen the situation. So at least give good ear to them.


When you are at the verge of breakeven point of anger then take a deep breath and take try to go out and tell yourself that anger cannot give any solution instead worsen the situation. You can always come back when you are cool down then you can easily explain your viewpoint.


You have to remember that your in-laws are old, and they cannot change. It is you who have to change. You can change by looking into their positive points rather than their negative points. For example, your mother in law is usually annoyed with you on small issues but she is also a good cook. So what can do is try to analyze why she was annoyed with you and if possible avoid doing those things and if you feel you are right on your part then try explain your viewpoint very politely. Another thing try to divert your mind from her negative image to learning the way she cooks. She will be happy, and you will able learn cooking from her.


Last but not least, you love and always send positive vibrations to them and never try to annoy them. Maybe they don’t respond you the way you expected. Don’t worry, you do your best and have patience. Definitely sooner or later they will able to understand you and love you as their own child.

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