Five tips for a Happy married life.

Five tips for a Happy married life?

Are there any secrets behind a happy married life? We have gathered some data from the most satisfied couples around the world and listed them for you. Newly married or married for a long time, the five simple tips listed below will surely help you realize what’s missing and what can be improved in your relationship. Read on the simple tips and enjoy a good married life:

  1. Try to listen more: Healthy conversation is the key to a successful marriage. But how to create the platform for a healthy discussion? Listening actively is the Mantra! And offcourse, you need time for a good conversation to happen. Listening alone can sort out most of the issues or even prevent them from resurfacing. Most of the time we do not understand that all our companion wants from us is to listen to them, especially women. Maintaining eye contact while talking, hearing carefully what they are saying is all a person needs to open their heart and let go of all their resentments.
  2. Have a good friend and social circle you can rely on: Focussing 24×7 on your spouse can be stressful. Only a happy person can make a happy relationship. Men or women, both should take some time out for themselves, do what they enjoy most, spend time with their friend circle. This allows them to work on their personal development and they will have a lot to talk about on their dinner table. And remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder of each other more.
    A Happy Couple
    A Happy Couple
  3. Do not try to change your spouse: A most heard about the complaint in a relationship is the lack of acceptance of the personality who you loved before marriage. Trying to change your spouse is the worst thing one can do in a relationship. Always remember why you fell in love with that person back then and accept the fact that it is impossible to change someone’s personality. This should be realized as soon as possible. All successful couples have disagreements and different point-of-views. They are just mature enough to accept each other differences and use it to their advantage rather than weakness.
  4. Do not stop doing the things you use to enjoy before marriage: After a few years of marriage, couples start taking one another for granted. They stop appreciating each other’s work, stop complimenting and some even stop going out on dates. All this makes their relationship very boring and mundane. This is human nature and happens unintentionally but is very crucial for a married couple. Always maintain respect and appreciation for your partner, never take them for granted. Pay attention to what they do. Surprise them with little complements, love acts, or little goodies here and there and relish how your love flourishes.
  5. Do not let your spouse down in front of others: Last but not the least, is maintaining mutual respect in your relationship. We have talked about taking each other for granted over time which happens automatically, but never let that give you the liberty of disrespecting your partner in front of a third person. There is nothing more harmful to your relationship than this. The harm caused by this is irreversible. If you have any disagreement with your partner, it is better to sort it out alone with them and not display it in front of others.

Some of you may be wandering the tips listed above is missing a firey and essential part of marriage, “SEX”. Sex and romance are the souls of a marriage. There should be regular sex in marriage as its therapeutic power can heal a lot of wounds and remind the couples of the powerful attraction they have for each other. Scientifically, it boosts the mood and enhances your affection towards each other.

If little emphasis is given to the above-listed points, A happily ever after is surely possible.

[Source: Nri Matrimonial]

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